Alcoholic Spouse – What Happens When Only One Spouse Decides to Quit Drinking Alcohol?

It is very bad luck for a child to be born into an alcoholic family that has one alcoholic parent. However, it is truly the worst luck to have two alcoholic parents.As a psychiatrist that specializes in addiction, this is not an uncommon scenario ขายเหล้าออนไลน์. Not only are their children at twice the genetic risk of developing an alcohol problem, the chance of both alcoholic parents remaining clean and sober is not very high.Alcohol and Nutrition - Unlock Food

M.F. and S.V. met in college. At that time, every one around them was drinking and using drugs so that their drug and alcohol use did not stand out. However, they are both thirty years old now and have a son in 8th grade and a daughter in 4th grade. M.F. and his wife S.V. have continued drinking excessively with no significant periods of sobriety (except S.V. during her pregnancies).

M.F. is a successful entrepreneur and his wife is a stay at home mom. They go out with friends almost every night and basically use and abuse alcohol. M.F. decided to get a psychiatric evaluation because he feels depressed and anxious over his financial difficulties. His formerly successful business took a downturn during the tough economic times of the last several years.I prescribed a medication to prevent alcohol withdrawal and explained that an antidepressant would not work for his depression if he continued his alcohol abuse. I explained that alcohol is a central nervous system depressant and actually causes depression.

He committed to staying clean and sober for 8 weeks, but would not agree to go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. He just wanted to try to quit drinking alcohol for several months to see if he could do it.M.F.’s mood improved significantly after 4 weeks on an antidepressant medication. He had minimal cravings for alcohol (I put him on an anti craving medication as well). He was much more much effective at work and faced problems as they arose. He said he felt on top of his game.

However, his home life was stained. He no longer drank alcohol when he and his wife went out to dinner with friends. His alcoholic wife continued to get drunk right in front of him. Many times, he often left early without her or chose to stay at home with their children.His alcoholic wife continued her alcoholic behavior. She drank nightly with friends and slept a good part of the day. On several occasions when he was out with her, he almost had an alcohol relapse. He felt angry and resentful watching her drink.

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