Aviva Life insurance Company Review

Aviva Life insurance Company is a well known life insurance company in the continental United states and all through out the world. This large corporation Noble Oak life insurance as we know it started in the year 2000 when CGU and Norwich Union merged together; however, its history traces back to more than 300 years. Ever since that February day in the year 2000, Aviva has been growing at a tremendous rate and it was not until the year 2002 in July that the name Aviva and what the company called the “Aviva Brand Identity” was launched.Insurance: Concept, Principles, Functions of Insurance Company, Q&A

Aviva first made moves to enter the global market, by acquiring other firms in the countries of New Zealand, Turkey, Canada, Spain, Italy, Brazil, the united kingdom and many others. After establishing a presence through out the world and building strong reputation that could result in a good experience in the American market, Aviva decided to buy AmerUS in the year 2006 and strengthen its products in the united states. Because CGU had been active in the united states before 2006 and AmerUS had been active for over one hundred years; Aviva assures its American customers that they have a history in the united states.

Nowadays the company is the fifth largest insurance group in the world and the biggest one in the united kingdom. Ever since the company was formed it was headquartered in London, England and for them this island part of the European country is a focal point in reaching all of the countries that they have business in. They specialize in insurance products, long-termed services and fund management as listed by their main website. They pride themselves in the flexibility of their products and the excellent services that they offer to customers all around the world and through out the seven continents. All around the world the company employs over 58, 000 employees and has over 35 million customers, while in the united states the company has been growing tenaciously and now they pride themselves in having about 32, 850 agents that help as many as 1, 115, 000 customers.

Aviva Life insurance Company offers only two types of life insurance to residents of New york. Whole life Insurance and Universal Life insurance are the only two plans designed for New Yorkers by Aviva, which means that they do not have term life insurance and whoever purchases either of these two types will be covered for life. On the other hand, the rest of the United states has many choices when it comes to life insurance policies. Those choices will be briefly described below. Keep in mind that most of these products came from when the company merged with AmerUS and for this reason the products would be the same for both companies.

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