DIY Search Engine Optimization Is Easy When You Know How

DIY search engine optimization is quite easy to do, all it takes is a little knowledge which is relatively straight forward to learn and implement. Obviously the first thing you would need to do is arm yourself with one or two quality search engine optimization tutorials, your only problem there is there is an absolute abundance of SEO tutorial guides out there on the world wide web. Unfortunately there is also quite a lot of garbage out there too.

So you may have to sift through a few before you find a decent one for you to learn from. Or better still you ask around on forums for someone to recommend something of quality. Anyhow you’re definitely going to need some form of SEO guide if you’re going to take on the small task of DIY search engine optimization.

Now there’s noting to fear as I said at the start of this article SEO is not that difficult to do once you know what your doing. The on-page SEO is easy once you get to grips metal model kits editing your HTML code and there’s only three bits of code you need to edit which are your page/site “title” “description” and “keyword” tags, that’s it. The rest of your on-page SEO editing can be done using a “WYSIWYG” HTML editor.

If you can type a word document using Microsoft Word or Open Office then you can edit or create your own website, because that’s exactly how a HTML editor works just the same as any standard word processor. In fact if you use the WordPress blog platform or a self hosted WordPress blog to create your site then there is no code editing involved, because you simply type n your keywords, description and title tags in your admin area and your done.

I you already have a website that you wan to edit…To view the HTML code of your own hosted domain website you will need to be inside your cpanel admin area this is where you will perform any site maintenance You should have received all your cpanel login details when you signed up for your hosting account. Or you can simply type in your domain name followed with /cpanel like this

When inside you want double click on “files” find the file you want to edit if it’s your home page it should be called “index” click that once to high light the file then at the top of your admin panel you want to double click “code editor” and what you’re looking for is a section at right at the top that looks something like this… YOUR-KEYWORD RICH-TITLE-HERE Simply replace the CAPITALIZED text only!

With your own details and save, that’s it for editing the HTML code in cpanel for on-page SEO. If however you’re editing a PLR product web page before uploading to your hosting you would do exactly the same but you would open up your page in your WYSYWYG HTML editor and switch your view to “source” to edit the HTML code.

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