Exam Tips For University Success – Trade Textbooks While You Study

Share used university textbooks to study for your exams, share the notes on the margins and, other exam tips. After all, exam success comes from good preparation and getting resourceful Security+ certification .Start the year off right and trade textbooks and notes online with your peers. Or invest in used textbooks to prepare for your exams – a good 1/3 to 1/2 cheaper than new. After all, you can’t be expected to remember all your morning lectures.

When faced with multiple buzz words or key concepts, take the first letter from each word and create an acronym. i.e. 5 tips for exam success: ASSMS for Acronym, Study group, Show all your work, Memory sensitive, SleepOkay, this is a good one. Start the exam by answering the most memory sensitive content. That way you have on paper what you’re most likely to forget. You can refer back to this content, like formulas, keywords, or vocabulary, later in the exam as you need it.

Get your sleep! Sounds simple enough but anxiety and late night cram sessions can seriously hamper your ability to succeed. A good night’s sleep also increases your memory retention and sharpens your analytical skills.Join a study group – works for some people. It makes the studying more efficient (each person covers a portion of the preparation material, then you share), and motivates you to study regularly,Show all your work for those partial marks.

So now you have some tips to get your school year started. But the most important tip is to make sure you read the required study material. The don’t call them required for nothing.Even if you sleep through most of your lectures, your university books are critical to your success. Don’t use high costs as an excuse to avoid buying Canadian textbooks for your classes. At home study is just as crucial as attending class.Lucky for you, there’s a cost-effective alternative to getting the information you need for your exam and trading used textbooks year round.

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