The Right Paintball Gun Could Save Your Hide and Your Pride

The Right Paintball Gun Could Save Your Hide and Your Pride


When it comes to selecting the right paintball gun, there are a few things to keep in mind as you contemplate making such a purchase, especially if you’re looking for a cheap gun. Of course, like anything, it is important that you take care of your paintball gun, and fortunately most cheap guns have internal parts that are simple and easy 38 special ammo  to take apart. But, keep in mind that there are some that have more maintenance requirements than others. Even if you purchase an army paintball gun or angel paintball, you’re still going to find O-rings that break or bolts that bend, or they will scratch easily. Try to focus on a gun that is not giving owners headaches off the field. This will make the time you spend on the field enjoying the sport of paintball much more enjoyable. Of course, for most players one of the most important things is a good-looking gun. It will make you feel more confident on and off the field. Try to not buy a gun based just on its looks. Sure, many of the well-known manufacturers such as spyder or angel have some awesome- looking guns, but you also don’t want to end up with the snazzy-looking piece of junk, either! If you walk into the store and find those flashy-colored guns appealing, remember that you’ll stand out on the field and other players may be able to shoot you more easily! Choosing a plain, old a5 with a boring- looking black or matte finish may help you become more concealed on the field.

Pistols are smaller than your typical paintball gun and a lot of them can be purchased very cheaply, and it might be tempting to buy one. Pistols are slower, have less range, less accuracy and also run out of paint much quicker than other paintball guns. Probably the best time to use a paintball pistol is if you’re playing against other people using pistols as well, or if you want a side arm in addition to your regular paintball gun. Manufacturers such as tippman or angel may have some affordable pistols, but you need to shop around.

You’ll find that most affordable guns, especially if you’re looking for the cheap version, will come in kits as packages. These are great starter packages for someone interested in getting involved in the sport. You’ll find a mask, squeegee, hopper, CO2 tank, and a barrel plug included in most packages. If you have your heart set on an a5 or spyder gun, but it doesn’t come with the kit you would like, most times the place where you purchase it will allow you to get other supplies for a lower price, so it just may work out about the same. For beginners, the kit is a great idea and can save you time and money, but you may end up getting a mask that’s not as nice or a tank as big as you’d like, so you have to consider the trade-offs here. Upgrades are available and most arms perform better with new barrels.



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