Using HEETS to the Fullest: A How-To Guide

E-cigarettes, which heat rather than burn tobacco, are more dangerous than devices like IQOS, which heat rather than burn stick tobacco. Tobacco sticks are heated at a temperature high enough to produce an aerosol but low enough to prevent the tobacco from igniting. Their potential to reduce the danger while satisfying customers’ nicotine cravings is enormous.

For smoking, HeatSticks are a kind of tobacco stick called a HeatStick.

HEETS or HeatSticks, a tobacco stick designed specifically for use with the IQOS device, is well-known to IQOS users. IQOS heatsticks are produced from real tobacco, and there is no liquid nicotine in them; they are also not flavoured. As a result, the flavour of the tobacco is distinct from that of cigarettes. Tobacco stick aerosols contain 0.5 mg of nicotine on average, however this might vary from product to product.

IQOS produces an aerosol rather than a smoke because iIQOS ILUMA STANDARD IN Dubai UAE - vpzonet warms the tobacco in a specially designed tobacco stick rather than burning it, as is the case with cigarettes.

It’s time for a cigarette break.

Using HEETS for the same length of time and puffs as a cigarette (up to 14 puffs or around 6 minutes) is the stated purpose. Use a new tobacco stick to finish the experience if you wish to stop smoking after 14 puffs or six minutes.

Over-puffing may cause the tobacco in a cigarillos to overheat, which is why the Holder was invented. It’s time to change the IQOS’s tobacco stick and recharge it.

Tobacco sticks don’t shrink in size when heated with IQOS since the tobacco doesn’t burn down to nothing. A tobacco stick’s appearance might change after it has been heated and its flavour has been released.. Once heated, the tobacco leaf’s texture will change. Depending on how long the tobacco has been heated, the paper around it either changes colour or gets wet with water.

New aluminium foil is being used on tobacco sticks.

The foil is put inside the tobacco stick in order to prevent it from catching alight and causing harm. Because it has no influence on the chemistry of the IQOS aerosol, the aluminium foil is perfectly safe to use.


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